Antarctic Weather Blog

  • The Winter Journey: Part XII
    Frightfully Hard Pulling When we left the men of the Crozier party yesterday they were in slightly better spirits as the temperature rose to a relatively balmy -50°F (-45.6°C). However, their arduous efforts were rewarded with a meager 1.66 miles of progress after several hours of pulling their sledges through dense fog. When the men […]
  • The Winter Journey: Part XI
    The Vaguest Idea When we left the men of the Crozier party yesterday they had just wrapped up their coldest day of the journey yet. Temperatures nearly dropped as low as -80°F (-62.2°C) and the crew only managed to make 1.5 miles of progress across bad pulling surfaces. At this point in the journey, Cherry-Garrard […]
  • The Winter Journey: Part X
    Dante Was Right So thought Apsley Cherry-Garrard on the 6th of July, 1911 as the temperature in the Windless Bight dropped below -70°F (-56.7°C). As he wrote in The Worst Journey in the World: The temperature that night was -75.8°F (-59.9°C), and I will not pretend that it did not convince me that Dante was […]

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